April 1, 2016

 In PlayHistory

At a recent party I met some people who were curious to know about our upcoming play. I was asked if there were going to be any dances. I said yes.

These people were coming to the show but hadn’t booked their seats yet! This is not unusual. There is a trend in booking seats. It is quite brisk in the beginning. Then it slows down. Then closer to the show date, sales pick up again.

We are very lucky to have a great following. Over 60% of our audience is repeat audience. In addition to our local patrons we also get people from Mission Viejo, Corona, Northridge, El Centro, Yuma, Arizona and many a times from Bay area and beyond. People visiting here from India also attend our shows and complement us highly.

We have only 2 weeks to go. Over 1000 hours of hard work is put in to bring our presentation to you. We welcome Yogesh Sayanakar, our new team member, who is going to contribute heavily as a Director of Production. This play should meet your expectations.

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