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-Promote and help keep our culture alive
-Bring people of the sub-continent together under one roof
-Operate the theater group as a non-profit organization
-Provide a platform for artists of all ages to showcase their talent.
-Provide affordable and wholesome entertainment for the entire family

Please take a moment to navigate through our work to learn about the legacy that we have proudly built over the past 25 years. We owe this legacy to you, the viewer, for artists are nothing without their audience, much like there is no song without a listener.

We like telling stories; stories of the intricacies of our lives; stories of love and hatred; stories of human passion and conviction; stories of human emotions; stories of you and us …

We wish you a very happy New Year and announce our 26th Play


This is the story of a music band traveling to a small village to play in a wedding. Somehow, they get lost and arrive at an unknown destination that they never dreamt of.

They wonder  “Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum”. Journey with us to find out what happened next.

We auditioned a large number of candidates and after careful consideration selected the following cast:

Vijaykumar Gurkhe

Anubhuti Neb

Ayesha Khan

Champ Nath

Prasad Adusumalli

Ramarao Varigonda

Sachin Chawla

Sanjay Nichani

Shweta Doshi

Smita Archana

Suneel Battula

Swarupa Ellamaraju

We look forward to present yet another beautiful adventure in 2019.

It will be staged on FRIDAY April 26, 2019 at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Poway

Thank You San Diego for being a part of our Silver Jubilee !!!

Our 25th Production, “EK AJNABI MIL GAYA” was presented to a full house

Following is a newspaper clipping for our 25th Show

Following are some photos from our 25th Production, “EK AJNABI MIL GAYA”

Our Plays

Who We Are

Hamid Daudani & Group has kept the Southeast Asian culture alive through its theatrical productions for over 20 years now. The Group was founded in 1991 by a few enthusiastic artists as a not-for-profit organization to serve the San Diego community, and that remains the goal for the years to come.

The group was founded by a core group of artists like Hamid Daudani, Nipul Shah, and Tushar Shah in 1991. Laila Daudani, Anita Daudani Bhakta Yamini Patel and Nadira Javaid became the backbone of the group right from the beginning and stayed committed for all these years. There were a few other artists like Bharat Shah, Alka Shah, Manoj Maniar, Sonal Sheth, Yogini Shah, etc. who contributed heavily to this new adventure for a number of years. They could not devote their time consistently due to other commitments. Some other members like Kamla Singh, Dolly Bakshai, etc. joined in and stayed with the group for a considerable length of time and moved away due to some personal reasons. Thankfully they were replaced by Mamta Malhotra, Zainab Ansari, Sameera Khan, etc.

One of our founding members, Nipul Shah passed away in July 2017. We all miss him immensely. He will always remain in our memories.

Year after year, Nipul was taking charge of set design, set construction and the technical aspects of production. Each year, Nipul and Hamid would meet and agree upon a basic blueprint of the plan and then Nipul would take ownership of the technical project. This gave Nipul full freedom to be creative and to convert his dreams into reality.

Nipul created a variety of amazing sets every year and had used technology to its fullest. He had gone to such extremes as to get a horse, a functioning water fountain, and a giant ferris wheel on stage!

The group has earned a tremendous amount of respect from the local community and boasts of over fifty percent of repeat audience, year after year. It has also been praised for showcasing stories that appeal to a diverse audience. Wholesome entertainment for the entire family, quality productions, first class venues, timely presentations, and minute attention to all details have become trademarks for this art forum. The group commands the highest attendance in paid performances and has become an institution and a tradition in San Diego. So far more than 400 artists have participated in Group’s productions.

  • Yamini Patel
    Yamini Patel (Stage Manager)

    Yamini has been with the Group since its inception,  year after year meticulously managing stage and taking care of set changes during the play. It is her responsibility that each artist is well prepared before each scene with his/her set of props

  • Laila Daudani
    Laila Daudani (Production Coordinator)

    Laila Daudani, one of the founding members and backbone of our group since its inception,  passed away in June 2018.  This totally committed artist coordinated productions of all the plays and performed a variety of production tasks year after year.

    She will always remain in our memories as our brightest star. We all miss her immensely.

  • Mamta Malhotra
    Mamta Malhotra (Costume Designer)

    Mamta has been our costume consultant for over 12 years now. Our audience has often remarked on how close to real life our characters look,  and all that has been made possible by Mamta’s connoisseurship

  • Sameera Khan
    Sameera Khan (Stage Manager)

    Sameera joined the group eight years ago. She works hand in hand with Yamini and provied seamless services behind the stage.

  • Zainab Ansari
    Zainab Ansari (Makeup Artist)

    Zainab, a professional beautician has been our makeup artist for over 5 years now

  • Yogini Shah
    Yogini Shah (Actor, Production Coordinator)

    Yogini has provided 10 years of service in various areas of production. She has supported our group as a fine artist and choreographer.

  • Alka Shah
    Alka Shah (Choreographer)

    Alka has choreographed dances for the plays for over 10 years. With the shortage of time and her other commitments, she has not been able to contribute for the last few years

  • Nadira Javaid
    Nadira Javaid (Marketing Manager)

    Nadira has been with the group right from the start. She manages promoting our plays and ticket sales.

  • Dolly Bakshai
    Dolly Bakshai (Make-up Artist)

    Dolly provided 11 years of invaluable makeup services for our plays. She reluctantly resigned in 2010 because of personal reasons

  • Anita Daudani Bhakta
    Anita Daudani Bhakta (Program Booklet Editor)

    Anita has designed most of the Annual Play booklets, which have remained the best memories of the play for the artists and the audience

  • Bharat Shah
    Bharat Shah (Lighting Engineer)

    Bharat Shah has been taking care of the Lights department off and on for over 13 years now. He is always there to contribute when in town and available. 

  • Tushar Shah
    Tushar Shah (Founding Member/Assistant Director)

    Tushar Shah, the third founding member and an excellent artist, has acted in a number of plays. He has also performed the role of Assistant Producer/Director and has supported a few other aspects of production.

  • Nipul Shah
    Nipul Shah (Founding Member, Technical Director)

    Nipul Shah, one of our founding members , passed away in July 2017. He was totally committed to our group and contributed tremendous amount of technical expertise. He created a variety of amazing sets every year and used technology to its fullest.

    We all miss him immensely . He will always remain in our memories

  • Hamid Daudani
    Hamid Daudani (Founding Member, Writer, Director)

    Hamid has been writing, producing and directing plays throughout the years, as well as supporting all aspects of production. He has also acted in some of the plays and steered the group to maintain the highest quality of standards in presentation.

Our History

It was in the fall of 1990 when a few art enthusiasts joined hands and decided to produce a play for the community of San Diego. They realized that it would be a big project requiring some serious commitment on everyone’s part, but they were ready. The aim was to produce a work of excellence in every respect.

It was felt that a musical play would be more appreciated by the community than one without music and dances. Hamid Daudani had a theme for such a play in mind. He developed this concept into a full length play and set the stage for “Prem Nagar Ka Mela”.

The play, as the name indicates, revolved arround a village fair where many events took place. It showed the life of the simple people of Prem Nagar. It was presented to the public in February of 1991. The venue was one of the best auditoriums in town, the Poway Center for the Performing Arts.

Just around the time that the publicity was to be started, it was realized that a name was needed for the group. It was difficult to find a name on such short notice. It also seemed unnecessary to worry about the name because this project was supposed to be a one time event. Since Hamid had initiated the plan, taken the lead and written and directed the play, it was decided to title the event as a presentation of Hamid Daudani & Group.

The success of Prem Nagar was overwhelming. It received wonderful reviews and tremendous praise from the community. Some people even went on to calling it a classic. This naturally prompted our second play followed by the third play, and eventually it became a yearly tradition.

Going forward, the name “Hamid Daudani & Group” created goodwill and recognition from the community and to change it to any other name seemed unnecessary.
Over the years the group has gained great amount of experience which shows in its productions.

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Contact Us

Please email or call us if you want to perform in our plays, want to join our production team, ask any questions, or give us your feedback.



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